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Paradores of Spain

The high class hotels

The Paradores de Turismo de España are a group of high class hotels spread throughout Spain, located in emblematic buildings or notable sites, which have been selected for their historical, artistic or cultural interest.

To this is added an excellent gastronomic proposal that recovers and enhances the traditional cuisine of the different Spanish regions in which they are located, giving, in many cases, creative touches of authentic signature cuisine.

The Paradores symbolize the best that a country like Spain can offer to travelers who wish to stay in historical places where above all taste good, impeccable service and a job well done to turn the visitor's stay into a sensory experience.

The history of the Paradores began in 1928, when the Marques de la Vega Inclán had the idea of creating state hotels in different areas of Spain, generating wealth and recovering emblematic buildings and monuments of its history that were in disuse or even in very precarious conditions. Thus, in 1928, the first Parador de Turismo was inaugurated by King Alfonso XIII in a spectacular site of the Sierra de Gredos, near Madrid. Today, 85 years later, there are over 94, installed in castles, ancient convents, monasteries, palaces, mansions, palaces and new factory buildings.

In recent years, the company Paradores de España has become the undisputed leader of cultural tourism thanks to the enhancement and revaluation of the country's historical and cultural heritage. Thus, in addition to having establishments in nine cities declared World Heritage Sites, such as Ávila, Cáceres, Cordoba, Alcalá de Henares, Cuenca and Salamanca, among others, more than half of the Paradores network are located in a monumental environment, and many of them in the most important natural parks of the country.

The buildings, some centuries old, offer maximum comfort, a luxury that perfectly combines the classic and the modern, backed by the latest technology. In short, staying in a Parador perfectly combines Wi-Fi connections and digital TV channels with antiques, Toledo steel swords, armor and fabulous canopy beds used by the ancient Spanish kings.

Some Paradores are authentic survivors and current testimony of the history of Spain in which you can feel the pulse of the passage of time within:

In the palace of Jarandilla, for example, located in the region of Extremadura, where some of the principal discoverers of America who accompanied Christopher Columbus during his travels died, the emperor Charles V of Spain slept.

In the town of Hondarríbia in San Sebastián, the Parador still retains its fortress appearance, with thick stone walls, sober and elegant decoration and rooms occupied by notorious personages like Felipe III of Spain and Maria of Austria.

In Sigüenza, Castilla-León, the Parador is located within the old Arab fortress that was conquered by the Kingdom of Castile in 1124. It was the residence of kings and cardinals, and it is said that the lamentations of Dona can still be heard Blanca de Borbón , niece of the king of France, who was forced to marry Pedro I "El Cruel", who ended up killing her with sadness.

The monumental building that occupies the Parador in the city of SOS del Rey Católico, saw the birth of the famous King Ferdinand, married to Queen Isabel of Castile, perhaps the most famous monarchs inside and outside Spain: the Catholic Kings.

One way to get acquainted with these exemplary buildings is the Paradores routes, which offer the most interesting cultural itineraries in Spain for stays of three and seven nights. At present, there are a total of 28 routes available that allow you to enjoy enology Spain, the Muslim legacy of Andalusia, Green Spain, World Heritage cities or the monasteries.

In addition, the Network of Paradores de Turismo de España has a product called "Exclusive rooms". Of the more than 6,000 rooms that the network has, we selected the 60 most spectacular, authentic rooms in which were housed characters from the history of Spain. This offer includes a variety of details, such as dinner tasting, very special decorations, etc.

On the other hand, golf fans have a variety of offers at Paradores. The network has two own fields: El Saler and Málaga Golf. The first one hosts the Open of Spain this year and is one of the 50 best courses in the world. In addition, Paradores has agreements with more than 25 courses spread all over Spain so that its clients can play golf in any of them.

Paradores of Spain, with its experience and activity, positioned itself in the hotel market as a reference company worldwide.

It is a unique company in the world to maintain the recovery of history in an environment of luxury and comfort, and stands out especially for the enormous responsibility of maintaining such an immense estate, in the professional and dedicated manner with which they fulfill their Transcendental Commitment to all those who make up this great state enterprise.



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